Therese Ryan of Renewal Consultants first became well know from her role as the Stress Management Consultant & Coach on the RTE health shows 'How Long Will You Live?' and 'Health of the Nation'. Her skills enabled the participants to improve their time management, work-life balance, and learn how to prevent stress and manage work and life pressures. Since establishing her business in Ireland in 2005, she has built a strong reputation as a reliable professional who can help people improve their work performance and quality of life.

The following are the stories of the people she worked RTE Health Show's 'How Long Will You Live?' from 2006-2009 and 'Health Of The Nation' in 2011.

How Long Will You Live: Series 4 Programme 3, January 2009

Margaret Conlon is a 57 year old mother who juggles two jobs. She has suffered from chronic pain in her feet for the last 7 years which causes her considerable discomfort and stress. She is unable to exercise and copes by comfort eating. Therese teaches her relaxation techniques, Time Management tools to help her reduce her stress levels and improve her health and work life balance. Read More

How Long Will You Live: Series 4 Programme 6, January 2009

Gemma McGovern is a 42 year old mother of two. She's a heavy smoker and has a poor health history. Stress management expert and Life Coach Therese Ryan helps Gemma to reduce her stress levels, embrace a new career and a healthier lifestyle. Read More

How Long Will You Live: Series 3 Programme 1, January 2008

Rebecca Brady is a 19-year old student who is suffering from exam stress and panic attacks. Therese works with Rebecca to help her manage the panic attacks and teaches her some useful tips on how to get the exam stress under control. Read More

How Long Will You Live: Series 2 Programme 2, January, 2007

Kathryn O’ Dwyer is a 35 year old workaholic teacher who is a lover of cigarettes, poor diet and stress. Therese works with Kathryn to reduce her stress levels and improve her working habit/behaviour, which leads to an improvement in her work life balance and health. Read More

How Long Will You Live: Series 2 Programme 5, January 2007

Father Vincent Connaughton is a 45-year-old priest. It's a demanding job that could wreck his health. He diet is poor and he loves his coffee and he is a very poor sleeper. Therese is brought in to help Fr Vinny to learn stress management tools that will improve his sleep and makes recommendations to help him improve his overall health. Read More