Conflict Resolution Coaching is a one-to-one confidential process. By blending her skills of coaching and dispute resolution, Therese offers creative, effective and constructive conflict resolution solution to individuals that reduces stress and improves overall performance and productivity.

The process enables the client to develop creative, effective and constructive ways to address the conflict, equipping the client with the skills to manage, de-escalate and prevent future conflicts.

    Conflict resolution coaching ( C.R.C) supports individuals to:
  • To discover new and different perspectives for managing conflict.
  • To learn essential skills to respond rather than react to interpersonal conflicts.
  • To conduct difficult conversations with confidence.
  • To gain insights into and gain understanding about a conflict situation.
  • To resolve disputes and prevent unnecessary disputes escalating.
  • To prevent, de-escalate & manage workplace conflicts.
    In the workplace C.R.C can be applied to:
  • Leadership and management development.
  • Addressing specific disputes.
  • Performance management.
  • Team and interpersonal tensions.
  • Managing organisational change.
  • Developing ongoing conflict management capabilities in organisations and communities.
    In the home or family context C.R.C can be applied to:
  • Addressing family disagreements, disputes.
  • Managing change within the family context.
  • Understanding and managing personalities.
  • Marital and interpersonal tensions.
  • Navigating family change.

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