Therese Ryan of Renewal Consultants works with executives, business owners and managers to either transition into senior management roles as well as supporting those at senior level to review and improve their skills.

Our clients have remarked that the process supported them to:

  • Delegate more effectively.
  • Manage their workload.
  • Manage difficult situation and people.
  • Develop their team cohesion.
  • Reviewing workplace systems and procedures.
  • Increase their personal self awareness.
  • Improve their productivity.
  • Achieve and maintain a positive work-life balance that is right for them.

This coaching process has an empowering impact on both the individual and the workplace. The organisational benefits are the enhancements in employee retention, productivity and decision-making; reduced stress; stronger workplace relationships; and higher professional satisfaction and morale.

Contact Therese to book this coaching programme for yourself or your employee.