Change is the only constant: however, adapting to the organisational change can create many business difficulties. A business that invests in the change management supports, is investing in a smoother transition process for the business and for the employees. Therese Ryan of Renewal Consultants can work with you at various stages of the change management process.

    Consultancy Services
  • Work with your senior management team through a series of focus groups and facilitated change management forums to identify the workplace changes strategy and plan of implementation.
  • Facilitate employee meetings to sustain team development and focus.
  • Provide Leadership mentoring and coaching.
  • Deliver change management focus groups to develop employee awareness and sustain employee engagement.
  • Develop and deliver change management awareness seminars.
  • Develop and deliver training that will equip management with the tools to implement the change management plan at a departmental level.

Please contact Therese to discuss how she can work with you.