Have you received a sick note from an employee stating the reason for their leave of absence is Stress? How did you manage it? Does your organisation have a workplace policy to support you or its managers to manage workplace stress?

Therese Ryan of Renewal Consultants can provide you and your team with the expertise to support managers in developing and implementing workplace stress policies and procedures. These will support organisations both in maintaining the duty of care to the employee while ensuring that the stress policy and procedure is implemented.

Consulting Services

We are able to provide services to organisations in line with the HSA and the HSE (UK) standards in the areas of;

  • Carrying out work-related stress audit.
  • Work-related stress policy development and review.
  • Supportive role for H.R managers and team leaders in implement and interpreting the H.S.A Work Positive tool results.
Please contact Therese to discuss how she can work with you.