Renewal Consultants work with teams and committees in the voluntary, private and public sectors. Facilitation adopts a partnership approach, as the facilitator works with you and your colleagues to get the meetings back on track. Therese will enable, support and motivate teams to work together on their process of working. The process supports a collective agreed way forward. It is most beneficial with teams and committee’s who are working through a change process or a business review and development process.

    The benefits experienced by teams and committees are:
  • Creation of a forum where all participants’ views and concerns are heard.
  • Empowering teams’ or committee's issues to be discussed and resolved.
  • Sustaining group development and learning.
  • Development of a group action plan that identifies the agreed focus and direction.
  • Enabling teams or committee's to function more effectively.
  • Supporting effective team or committee meetings.

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