What is the course about?

By law, Irish workplaces are required to prevent and manage bullying and harassment ensuring a safe place of work for all employees. Managers face many challenges in achieving this. The core skills required are equipping managers with skills to identify and manage negative behaviours and conflict in the workplace. Provide this two day training seminar and ensure that your executive team are confident in the processes required by the Irish statutory workplace bullying and harassment regime.

What does the Training programme cover?

  • Understanding what is defined as workplace bullying and harassment.
  • Exploring the workplace signs and symptoms of bullying and harassment.
  • Discussing and exploring the employers’, managers’ and employees’ duty of care in preventing and managing workplace bullying and harassment.
  • How to implement the workplace policy and procedures.
  • How to manage the complaint of bullying and the parties.
  • Identifying the conflict management tool that is required to resolve the situation where possible.

Who should attend?

This training is ideal for the management team of an organisation who want to review their internal practices and learn mediation communications skills.

How do we book this seminar for our group or organisation?

Please contact Therese at therese@renewalconsultants.com or 086-3109976 to discuss your booking.