How the programme was developed?

The parent training programme was developed from concrete feedback the Limerick Child Care Services had received from parents over the last few years. This feedback identified that parents wanted a programme that supports them in meeting the challenges that parenting in the 21st Century presents. They felt that they skills that would help them meet the challenges of parenting in the 21st Century are Time management, Goal Planning, Dealing with Difficult Situation etc.

What is the course about?

We all talk about getting the balance right; however, this can be a real struggle for any parent in modern Ireland. Parenting in the 21st Century brings with it new challenges, where the ways of old are no longer supporting parents. These challenges are unique to this time in Ireland and this programme supports parents to review what new techniques they can learn to insure they are coping and adapting to the challenges parenting in modern Ireland presents.

The course aims to put parents back on track, supporting them to set personal and family goals as well as learning how to finally take action to get the balance they need, so they can be a present parent for both themselves and their child.

What Does the Course Cover?

    Managing the time you have
  • Evaluate how you actually spend your time and how to eliminate the habits that are not supporting your work practices.
  • How to plan ahead.
  • The importance of review and planning in the home.
  • Delegation – identifying what you can and what you now need to start delegating.
    Harnessing staying positive
  • The role of positive thinking and focusing positively in stress management.
  • Preventing and overcoming procrastination - keeping the focus.
  • How to turn worry into active problem solving.
    Wellbeing and self care management
  • How to enhance our wellbeing – diet, nutrition, exercise, rest, relaxation, sleep
  • Time out/Me Time Taking Exercise – Getting active the benefits, Exercise Diary.
  • Tools to balance the body and mind.
    Setting goals that keep you motivated and energised
  • Development of personal work-life balance action plan.
  • Clarify what you are passionate about
    Who Should attend?
  • The course is open to any person who is involved in the parenting role.

How long is the course?

From these guidelines the training package was developed which consists of two half day seminars which are delivered over a four week period. The Training programme consists of ongoing support of the attendees, in that it is a four week programme with ongoing supports for parents. This additional comprehensive service ensures that parents are supported to overcome the challenges and take onboard the learning.

Who do we contact to book this seminar for our group or organisation?

Please contact Therese at or 086-3109976 to discuss your booking.