What is the seminar about?

The daily demands of life and work can often leave us deflated. We are trying to keep up with so many demands, roles, responsibilities that we can often start to forget about ourselves. This seminar is developed to get participants to start thinking about the importance of looking after themselves also, giving participants real food for thought.

What does the seminar cover?

The seminar is broken into presentation and demonstrating/teaching of relaxation skills.

    The seminar contents cover the three following areas;
  • What is meant by self care and self awareness.
  • Understanding the importance of self care and self awareness in sustaining life contentment and happiness.
  • Exploring easy self care practices to get people back on track.
  • Explore tools that help you to develop more mindfulness in day to day life.
  • Harnessing happiness and sustaining your inner calm.

Who should attend?

This seminar is ideal for anyone who are in a profession which is about looking after others; teacher, nurses, doctors, etc.

How long is the seminar?

A one hour fifteen minute seminar will provide participants with an opportunity to learn and implement practical relaxation tools. This seminar can be extended to 2 hours.

Who do we contact to book this seminar for our group or organisation?

Please contact Therese at therese@renewalconsultants.com or 086-3109976 to discuss your booking.