What is the Workshop About?

We all know of the person who has spent hours studying and on the day the exam just froze. Exam stress can be managed and does not need to be endured and feared!

This workshop has been designed to help students understand how to identify if they are suffering from stress, what they can do to alleviate the symptoms of stress, and give them practical tools on how to sustain delivering results during exam times.

What Does the Workshop Cover?

  • Understanding what causes student stress and how it affects one’s health and undermines study performance.
  • Exploring the signs and symptoms of stress.
  • Discussing how students can manage and prevent study and exam stress from developing.
  • Exploring stress reducing techniques that students can use to keep their minds sharp and their body calm so they can perform at exam time.
  • Devising a personal student performance plan that will support them to manage and minimising the symptoms of stress.

Who should attend?

This workshop is developed to meet the needs of students at third or secondary level. It is ideal for those who are working towards exams.

How long is this course?

This workshop can be delivered either as a one and half hours or three hours workshop.

Who do we contact to book this seminar for our group or organisation?

Please contact Therese at therese@renewalconsultants.com or 086-3109976 to discuss your booking.